Better Offer?

The things I do – whilst waiting for a better offer!


“Spring Brings A New Colour – In The Hair Department!”

She Who Must Be Obeyed has taken a few days off in the lead up to Easter.  It wasn’t by choice, but by necessity.  Her annual leave year runs from April to March, and any unused leave is lost if not taken.  Unfortunately for her, the school Easter holidays don’t start till the following week, so she won’t get to spend any time with Small Persons 1 & 2 Of 2.

So her plan was to start on the garden.  To ready it for summer.  To dig up last years plants which won’t flower again this year.  To rid the flower beds of the weeds which refuse to die in the winter months.  Her plan also included me in this activity!

Now, whilst I love my garden, and love it looking good, I’m not a gardener.  In order for me to be in the garden doing any sort of work, the temperature has to have reached the 20s.  It has to be dry and sunny.  Her plan to get me out there this morning did not fill me with joy.

So imagine my initial horror this morning as I got up to get Small Persons 1 & 2 Of 2 ready for school whilst She Who Must Be Obeyed had a well deserved lie in.  The morning was overcast and chilly.  However, that feeling was not to last.  When She Who Must Be Obeyed eventually surfaced, she decided it was too damp to go into the garden.  Obviously I hid my pleasure at this bit of news, but I had difficulty hiding my sheer delight when the heavens opened just an hour later!

Never has rain been greeted with such overwhelming enthusiasm.

However, I hadn’t reckoned on Plan B.  This involved a trip to a large retail unit specialising in lotions and potions for health and well being.  What could we possibly need so urgently from a store such as this?  Something to disguise the odd grey hair which has crept into her life!

Choosing a hair colour is tricky as it turned out.  Do you go for the permanent, the semi-permanent or the highlight option?  Well as this is a first time, a bit of an experiment, we obviously went for the semi-permanent.  But how does the highlight dye know to only attach itself to certain hair?  As far as the instructions and components inside the box were concerned, there was no difference between the semi-permanent and the highlight.

Now what colour?

Matching actual hair colour to a picture on the side of a box under artificial light is no mean feet.  And it’s fair to say we got it wrong the first time.  When the picture and actual hair were compared at home under natural light, it was clear we weren’t close.

So back to the store we went.

Another 45 minutes comparing shades was getting us no where.  The closest colour only came in a permanent dye.  There were reasonably close matches but nothing perfect.  I called upon the services of one of the beauty consultants expecting some expert advice.  After all, you can tell they use the products themselves.  Their make-up is always heavier than an actor uses on stage and their hair is never naturally that colour.

Surely with some experience of the product there must come some advice.

Well, yes there did – don’t do it!  Yes, that is what the assistant actually said – don’t do it!  Go to a hairdresser in case your hair is too absorbent and the colour comes out completely wrong.

Mind you we did pick an assistant with bleached blonde hair!

Oh well, a dye was purchased and now we have to wait and see.  Will it go green or orange?  Will it even cover the grey?  Do they really last the 24 washes they state or will it just gradually wash out getting less and less coverage of the grey as the weeks go by?

What ever happens, I must work on my sincerity of lines such as “that colour really suits you” and “no, you can’t see the grey any more”.

Wish me luck!