Better Offer?

The things I do – whilst waiting for a better offer!

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”


Now I’m not talking about going back to the day I was born – that would be ridiculous.  Although, having said that, I do have one or two interesting stories from my childhood, but I’ll save those for another time.

The beginning I’m talking about is my love of all things theatrical.  Although, once again, I’m not going back to the very start of that either!  No, I’m starting in 1983 because that is when I started performing, and yes, you’ve guessed it, it was in “The Sound Of Music”.

I can’t claim to have done much singing, because I played Franz, the butler, and all he sang was ‘Goodnight’ as the darling little children disappeared up the stairs to bed!  And even then it was part of a full company song, so I really didn’t need to make the slightest sound.

Anyway, this was my great stage debut.  So why am I starting here?  Well, whilst looking at a certain social networking website the other day, I noticed one of my friends who was in that very show with me (who here-in-after will be called “Good Friend And On Stage Mistress” – all will become apparent in future posts) was friends with someone else from that production whom I hadn’t seen since we all did “The Sound Of Music” in 1983.  Naturally, I decided to look at that person’s profile only to find they were friends with someone I started working with in 1983 at The Old Vic just a month before appearing on stage!  Confused? – I can’t really blame you if you are!

Good Friend And On Stage Mistress had also put a reference to her own blog where she started with a reference to the very same musical.  So with so many coincidences, I couldn’t resist!  I had to give this blogging a shot.

In later years I went on to not only direct “The Sound Of Music”, but to also play Captain von Trapp at the same time.  I’m not sure whether as a director I found I was an easy actor to direct or whether as an actor I enjoyed being directed by myself!

Anyway, since those October evenings in 1983 in Bognor Regis, I haven’t looked back and soon I will be treading the boards once more in a serious play with not even a hint of the sound of music.  OK, maybe a slight hint after all, I will be back on stage with Good Friend And On Stage Mistress.


Author: Better Offer

I am approaching my saga years (rapidly)! Correction, I have now reached my saga years! I am a thespian who has appeared in commercials and films and on TV, and love my time on stage but am extremely frustrated that I get most my work as an amateur. When not on stage I can be found walking the countryside, leading worship at my local church or running IT training courses and fixing PCs – just waiting for that better offer!

2 thoughts on ““Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”

  1. Oh, Charming On-Stage Lover, have we got the time for all this theatrical reminiscing? We still have a certain set of moves to perfect on page 30 – and you with your trapped nerve and all…

    Love day one of your Better Offer – be warned, it’ll get addictive!

    • Well Good Friend And On Stage Mistress, you may well be right about the lack of time right now, but I feel a lot more reminiscing coming on!!! As for page 30, I’m sure once we’ve warmed up on page 27 we’ll be OK. 😉

      And I think you are also right about being addictive – I’ve already spent too long on it today just trying to get the look of the pages right – heaven knows what’s going to happen when I really get going!

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