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“Showers – The Memory Of Water!”

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When I got up this morning, I had no intention of doing anything to do with this blog site.  I have plenty to do and really don’t have the time to sit at a keyboard pouring out my every thought.  However, it’s been a strange start to the day and I felt the need to off load!

It all started in the shower.  I hope when it comes to everyday functions like showering, that I am as normal as anyone.  I imagine we all step into the shower on autopilot and just get on with it.  We don’t have to think to reach for the soap/shower gel/shampoo.  We don’t have to think which part of the body to wash next.  It’s a routine.  It’s done every day.  Step in – wet hair – apply shampoo – wash rest of body from top to toe – rinse off shampoo.  Simples. 😉  Isn’t it?

Not this morning!  I had to talk myself through my every move.  I had to remember where to reach to pick things up and in which order to do things.

All that started me thinking about the current play I’m rehearsing – The Memory Of Water – a play which provides insight into the lives of three sisters, and their partners, who are reunited on the eve of their mother’s funeral.  The mother had Alzheimer’s and died at the age of 75.  Until last night’s rehearsal, I hadn’t realised that the mother was given an age.  And what’s the relevance here?  Well, sadly last August, I lost my father.  He had Alzheimer’s and died aged 75!

So there I was, struggling to remember things, thinking about Alzheimer’s.  Is it possible I have it?  No, surely I would know.  Or would I?  How do you know you have something you can’t remember?

Now, I realise I don’t have it and it would make next week a challenge when it comes to actually performing this play, but it make’s you think!

Anyway, I was soon bought back to reality following my shower, when I started listening to the rest of the household.  It’s fair to say that logic is missing from some members of the family.

She Who Must Be Obeyed was in the bedroom blow drying her hair.  This is something she normally does after she has had her breakfast.  I commented on this to which the reply was “I won’t have time to do it after breakfast today and neither will you”.  Now, firstly I never dry her hair and secondly I was just puzzled by the apparent lack of time.  So I asked if she was leaving for work any earlier.  NO!

Small Person 2 Of 2 had asked me to copy a CD onto her MP3 player now that she had found the USB cable.  The only trouble was, she had now lost the MP3 player!

Small Person 1 Of 2 has a geography field trip with school for the next five days.  This meant that a small holdall was packed full of all the clothes she might possibly need.  Even though all the girls were under strict instruction from the school to ‘pack like a boy’ and take as little as possible.  To share things like hairdryers and straighteners.  So with the holdall placed in the boot of the car by Small Person 1 Of 2 herself, we set off to pick up Very Small School Friend who lives a whole one minute drive away.

Very Small School Friend appeared from her front door with a holdall which was as large as her.  It was also 3 times the size of Small Person 1 Of 2’s!  Into the boot it went next to the much smaller holdall.

The drive to school continued – less than ten minutes.  On arrival, both girls went to the boot where I pulled the holdalls out.  Small Person 1 Of 2 claimed to be confused as to which was her bag.  When challenged she said “they both look the same, I don’t know which is mine”!

I got back in the car thinking perhaps I’m alright after all.  I just had a slight memory blip in the shower this morning and it’s probably down to all the extra things I have to think about to keep the family functioning.  Having said that both holdalls were blue!


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I am approaching my saga years (rapidly)! Correction, I have now reached my saga years! I am a thespian who has appeared in commercials and films and on TV, and love my time on stage but am extremely frustrated that I get most my work as an amateur. When not on stage I can be found walking the countryside, leading worship at my local church or running IT training courses and fixing PCs – just waiting for that better offer!

One thought on ““Showers – The Memory Of Water!”

  1. You’re not. You’re not. I mean you’re probably not. Losing your mind.

    All the same, a sad coincidence 😦

    It’s like that though, this play. Personally, I’m finding some bits of it really quite harrowing, for various reasons, so I’m not surprised that connection about the age would touch a nerve with you (hopefully not the trapped one though).

    Hope you put in a bit of towel arranging practice after the shower?

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