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“Bible Bashing The Trainspotters – Bring It On!”

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Wow, that doesn’t sound very Christian!  So how can someone who professes to be one – a Christian that is, not a trainspotter – make such a bold statement?

Well let me explain.

Last night I was at my Partnership Group meeting.  At least that’s what it is called this year.  It has had previous names such as Cell Group, Home Group and Reality Group.  But right now we are a Partnership Group, because our church has decided we should all be partners rather than members.  That we should partner with God and each other on our spiritual journey.

No, don’t click away now!  This is just a light hearted ramble to clear my head of a silly idea which popped in there when I was out walking earlier and now I need to get rid of it so that I can look at some of my lines for next weeks play.  Don’t worry, I am not about to preach at you!  That’s not what this blog is all about.  I am very touched that I have anyone reading these blogs at all.  I am also amazed that anyone has decided to follow these ramblings.  But stats show that a lot of people have started to read them – and I know what sort of people you are, because the blog with the most hits so far was the one that had fish net tights in the title.  Oh yes, I’ve got your number!!

So, back to my meeting.

We are a group of 12 people who regularly meet to help each other spiritually.  We are also a group who have an awful lot of laughs.  In fact we never start the meeting on time because we chat so much.  We never get through our meeting with out being side tracked onto another unrelated topic.  We don’t take each other too seriously and often tease each other!  And we call ourselves Christians??

Recently we have been studying a book which looks at and breaks down The Lord’s Prayer and last night we reached the end of the series.  It explained the origins of the word ‘Amen’ and its meaning.

Amen is an affirmation – it is said at the end of the prayer to say you agree with the content of the prayer.  It is also used as a sort of joyous exclamation, as can be seen at the very end of the bible, in the penultimate verse, Revelation 22:20.

We decided last night that you could, in these more modern times, actually say, instead of Amen here, ‘Bring It On’.  We can’t wait to see our minister’s face when we all respond ‘Bring It On’.  Oh, what fun we have!

You see, I told you we weren’t all that serious.  And I think I’ve side tracked myself – maybe I’m the bad influence at our meetings!

Actually we do have a couple of serious members and I suspect they are too serious to read a page like this, so I can mention at least one of them here.  One is just too brainy for his own good.  In fact I am going to refer to him as the Welsh Weeble.  For those who are too young to understand what I mean, a Weeble was a toy which came out many years ago.  It was a small rotund character and the catchy slogan which went with them was “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”  (See them here).  Our Welsh Weeble is obviously from Wales and is also short and rotund.

He is the sort of person who does a Masters Degree in History for fun and in a year less than most people.  He has a brain so big, I think it must be in his stomach.  Now this presents a problem.  He is on a diet, and doing quite well by all accounts, but does this mean he will start to lose his ability to absorb information?  They say he has a brain like a sponge – it just soaks up everything.  Actually though, that doesn’t quite work as a saying.  Every sponge I have used seems to leak its contents shortly after soaking it up.  Are we back to the Memory Of Water again?

This brings me to another one of our members – although he is definitely not too serious!  I can’t decide whether to refer to him as Mr Health & Safety or Mr Plenty.  Health & Safety is his job, so that’s obvious, but following his dressing up on New Year’s Eve, he looked more like one of the two ‘ladies’ in the commercial for Plenty kitchen roll.

Now surely, if those commercials are to be believed, Welsh Weeble’s brain is more like a piece of Plenty kitchen roll.

I’d better leave the character assassinations for the time being, as I have just realised I have got this far in to the blog and not mentioned the bible bashing of the trainspotters!

A great percentage of the population do not understand people like me who believe in and follow Jesus.  We are called ‘Bible Bashers’.  People think we wear socks with our sandals.  Actually, if you had feet like mine that’s probably not a bad idea.  😉  People think we are in a cult.  There are several different versions of people following their faith and it’s true some might stand on street corners and preach away to nobody as everybody gives them a wide berth.  But we are not all like that!

I’d better not go too much further with that, or else it will sound like I’m preaching.

So to the whole point of this blog – does any one really understand trainspotters?  Having just walked past the local station, I became curious.  Now these are people who wear socks and sandals.  Standing on a platform watching a very heavy mechanical object trundle by and noting down the number they saw on the carriage!  Crossing it off in a little book.  Do they go up to fellow trainspotters and say “I have just seen 8563 – did you see it?  I have to say it looked very much like 1756 which I saw last year at Clapham Junction.”

There are several versions of the Bible out there, some modernised, but do trainspotters get a new book with the same numbers rearranged and then have to start all over again?

My thanks go to Good Friend And On Stage Mistress for this link to online trainspotting.  Go, have a look – you never know, you might enjoy it!

My apologies to any one reading this who is easily offended at the mention of anything religious, but if you’ve got this far then it wasn’t that bad.  And my apologies to trainspotters everywhere.  I’m sorry for you!  Whoops, I meant I’m sorry if I have offended you too – honest!

I’d better go now, there are lines to check.  And I’m sure I had something else to do today.  Something more important.

Here endeth today’s lesson.

Bring It On!


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