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“Mad Dogs And Englishmen …”

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“… Go Out In The Midday Sun” or so the song goes!  But yesterday it was more a case of mad dogs and Englishmen stay out in the freezing cold.  Yesterday saw the first, of what I am hoping will have been the first of many, true barbeques this summer.  Firstly, I say summer, we are only in April, so it is really spring, but for parts of the day yesterday it felt like summer.

I had even brushed off my shorts and sandals!

And secondly, I say true barbeques, because I had actually already been to a barbeque this year.  It was back in February when Mr Plenty invited Chef, Nursey, She Who Must Be Obeyed and me around for breakfast which he cooked on the Barbie!  And very nice it was too.

But yesterday’s barbecue was the more traditional late afternoon and on into the evening style.  It all kicked off at around 5pm on a wonderful sunny spring afternoon.  It was held in a west facing garden which meant we would keep the sun for as long as possible.  However, the sun had dipped so low that we lost it by 6.30pm.  And with that dip went the temperature!

A few of us hardy souls decided we were having too much fun enjoying the fresh air and we were going to stay outside for as long as possible.

Among those hardy few were a couple of very young children, who were loving the fact that the two dogs had been locked in their kennel, and were tearing about the garden generating their own heat.  For the rest of us more mature party goers, a fire was lit in the brazier which we all huddled round.

The daylight turned to night and the stars began to shine.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, oh except that great big volcanic ash cloud drifting over head!  And the temperature plummeted.  We were not going to be moved though.  Those of us drinking the red stuff put our glasses closer to the fire to keep the contents at a decent, drinkable temperature.

Unfortunately, the air was suddenly filled with a really pungent odour which could have been detected many miles away.  It was a familiar scene to that of a barbecue held at the very same venue last year.  Somebody had let the mad dogs out of their kennel.  Last year the dogs, in full view of everyone, did what comes naturally in a pile in the centre of the garden.  This year it was a lot darker and we were only alerted to their ‘message’ when our noses were assaulted.  😦  The dogs were swiftly rounded up and put back in the kennel!

And so we sat and stared into the fire until some bright spark (no pun intended) put something in to the flames which created enough ash flying through the night air that we suddenly rivalled the Icelandic eruption!  Luckily for us, the air traffic had already been grounded.

Finally, at around 11.30pm, when the icicles were hanging from the ends of our noses, we decided enough was enough and ventured indoors to thaw out.  And we were greeted indoors by a lovely warming log fire.

All the benefits of our brazier without the smoke in our eyes!


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