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“Sick Or Hungry – Who Knows?”

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Small Person 2 Of 2 came home from school last night and promptly announced

I don’t know whether I have hunger pains, or whether I’m feeling sick!

I’m not sure there’s any real answer to that!

Following an attempted explanation about the difference between the two feelings, Small Person 2 Of 2 went to her room to change out of her school clothes.  She has this knack of not really listening to a conversation if it doesn’t fit with what is going on in her head.  I’ve mentioned before about her seeing everything in black and white; all the Is dotted and the Ts crossed; and because she has it in her mind that she is ill, nothing is going to change it.

I decided it was time to check on the results of her recent urine test.  It has been two weeks since the sample went off to the doctor.  (See earlier post)

What would she make of the results of her test?  Would she accept the results if it came back negative and that she was in the clear – nothing wrong with her?  Or would she insist that she was ill?  We’ll see.

I telephoned the doctor’s surgery to see if the results were back.  This is how the telephone call went:

“Good afternoon, I’m phoning to get the results of my step-daughter’s recent test.”

“What name?”

“Small Person 2 Of 2.”

“When was the test?”

“The week beginning the 12th of April.”

“What date?”

“Either the Monday or Tuesday, I can’t remember which, but it was early that week.”

“Sorry, I need the exact date, as my results are filed in date order.”

“Well, just let me look at this calendar – it would have been either the 12th or 13th!”

“And what was the test?”

“It was a urine sample.”

“I don’t have any results for either of those days.  I do have one for the 14th and that was urine.”

“That’ll be the one then!  She has only had one test recently.”

“It is the only test results we have for her.”

“Well, she hasn’t had any other tests, so it must be that one.”

“OK, let me check – [slight pause] – it’s normal, no action required.”

Twenty minutes later, Small Person 2 Of 2 came back downstairs from her room, to ask if she could have some of her Easter Eggs.  I know Easter was a couple of weeks ago, but it takes both Small Persons 1 And 2 Of 2 weeks to get through them.  It wasn’t like that when I was a child.  They would all be gone in a couple of days.

“So, you’re feeling a bit better then are you?”

“Not really!”

“But you’re feeling hungry and not feeling sick?”

“A bit of both.”

“How much dinner do you think you will want tonight?”

“About one third of what I would normally eat.”

“OK, well, you can have some chocolate after you have eaten some dinner.”

“Uh! [ grunt ]”

And with that she stomped back upstairs.

She Who Must Be Obeyed returned home from work and I filled her in on the results.  She decided she would tell Small Person 2 Of 2 over dinner!

I thought ‘that will go down well’!

So, dinner time came and we were all sitting round the dining table.  Whilst I was serving the dinner, She Who Must Be Obeyed started the conversation.

“We have the results of your urine test.”

“Urgh, mum, not over dinner, it’s disgusting!”

“I thought you’d like to know.  The doctor says there was nothing wrong with your urine.”

“Urgh, mum!” [ grunt ]

“That’s good news; it means you are not ill.”

“What does the doctor know?  That doesn’t help at all.  Why don’t I want to eat?” [ grunt ]

“Well, maybe you felt a little ill when it first started, but now there is nothing wrong with you and you aren’t eating because you thought you were ill.”

“Of course I’m ill.  That’s why I’m not eating!”

Sometimes there’s no reasoning with them.  Oh well, the small dinner was quickly consumed.  Seconds were equally dispatched with little trouble and then it was all washed down with Easter Eggs for pudding!

Now we play the waiting game.  Waiting for Small Person 2 Of 2 to decide she has her appetite back again.  As it happens, it’s only at dinner time that her appetite has gone.  When she gets up in the morning she has no trouble eating.  Last week at her father’s for breakfast she consumed a whole can of baked beans on toast!

That will settle her tummy!


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