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“Safety – Invest In Vests!”

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I was both amused and saddened the other day by safety vests.

I was amused as I passed a group of small children who had been out on their cycle proficiency training.  There were about twenty of them walking along the pavement pushing their bicycles.  They were flanked by four or five adults.

That doesn’t sound amusing!

Well, it’s not really, but aspects of the picture amused me.

Firstly, they were in a long straight line which stretched back some distance.  So much so that they had to cross two different junctions at the same time.  The adult at the front had stopped the traffic at the first junction, whilst the second adult led the ‘train’ further along the pavement to the second junction.  That adult then stopped the traffic at this junction.

The third adult became the leader crossing the children over the second junction, whilst the first and fifth adults ensured the back end of the ‘train’ completed the crossing of the first junction.  The third and fourth adults were walking along the road side of the ‘train’ ensuring none of the children stepped into the road.

Traffic by now was building up, as two roads were blocked.

However, and rightly so, the children were not rushed.  They were crossing responsibly and safely.  Everyone could clearly be seen as they were all, adults included, wearing high visibility vests.

Each and every child had a number on the vest, and they were so organised, they were walking in numerical order!  🙂

I wish I could have taken a photograph, but I would probably have been arrested for taken pictures of children!

Further along the road, I came across the safety vest which saddened me.

I approached a young woman, who appeared at first from a distance to be very smartly dressed.  She was all in black and had figure-hugging clothing.  However, as I got closer to her and was passing her, I realised she was wearing a stab proof vest!  And no, she wasn’t a police officer; she was wearing heels with smart trousers and a black blouse under the jacket.

There could have been many reasons for her wearing this vest, but as she was on her own, I suspect she was wearing it purely for safety.  It may well be that she has been a victim of knife crime in the past or that she has witnessed such a crime.

I do know that a young woman in the area was brutally stabbed several times by a man suffering from psychological issues.  She was totally innocent.  She just happened to be in her local supermarket at the wrong time when the man felt the need to take it out on someone.

Fortunately, the young woman survived the attack and lived to tell the tale.  For all I know, this may well have been the woman concerned.  If it was, it would be no surprise for her to wear such a vest.

But how sad that we live in a society where this sort of clothing is deemed necessary in such a quiet town as the one in which I live.  It is sad in any town or city, but you hear more of this in large cities across the world and almost come to accept it as the norm.

I’m all for safety, and in the case of the children, it was also safety in numbers!


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