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“What A Weekend! – Part 5”

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Are you still reading these accounts of my wonderful weekend?

Part 5 sees Saturday arrive.  This of course means I made it safely back home the previous night following my day of sailing.  So what did Saturday bring?

Well, firstly, I noticed my body realised that I was no longer at sea, and my surroundings were no longer swaying!  And secondly, it brought with it a day of pampering.

You’re wondering what I mean aren’t you.

Well, Mr Plenty was celebrating a landmark birthday, however, he was going to be away on the actual day, so decided to celebrate early.  And his lovely wife, Bud, had organised for him to go to a spa and have a pamper day.  She also organised for three of his friends to join him.

Initially this was a surprise, but she had to tell him in the end so that he would be suitably prepared.  I was one of the three friends along with Chef and someone I have yet to introduce to you.  I am going to call him Mr T.  This is simply because having volunteered to drive us all to the spa, he came to pick each of us up from our homes in what can only be described as the ‘A’ Team van.  He is built a little like Mr T, but is somewhat paler!

By day, he sleeps, but by night he collects meat from London and delivers it to various restaurants.  And to do this he has a black van which has the usual driver’s plus passenger seats at the front.  There is a bench seat in the mid section and a refrigerated section at the back.  The windows are also blacked out.

I was second pick up after Mir Plenty.  So when Mr T turned up at my house, Mr Plenty jumped out of the passenger seat and quickly opened the side door to bundle me in!

Now, picture the scene, having turned up at the spa, which was located in a rather splendid country house hotel, the four of us sat around in towelling robes waiting for our treatments.  We were each having a full body massage and a facial!

Four grown men, sat around in towelling robes – all virgins.  At least as far as pamper days were concerned!  None of us quite knowing what to expect.  Were we all going into one room to be pampered together?  Would we be pampered by a big burly masseur?  And would he be bending and kneading our muscles in directions they were not meant to go?

Well, fortunately, four young ladies entered the room and called out our names.  They each took us away to separate rooms.  We had nothing to fear.  Or so we thought.  My masseuse was half the size of me yet her strength or technique was quite something.  An hour later, we all creaked out of our respective rooms, feeling muscles we never knew we had and hit the sauna and steam rooms to cool off!  😉

A spot of lunch was called for before the next treatment, and being a health spa, we were expecting sticks of celery and carrot, but no, Mr T chose the cheese burger, Chef and Mr Plenty had a chicken burger and I, well at least one of us took the healthy option, I had a rather nice salad nicoise!

Bud had also organised a bottle of champagne to accompany lunch.  Could this day get any better?

Well, yes, but not till part 6 of this epic weekend.  Although we still had the afternoon to look forward to, and that was just getting underway with our facial.  That was immediately followed by spells in the sauna and steam rooms.  Then it was a long soak in the jacuzzi and a walk around the grounds.

It was truly amazing just how tiring sitting around all day being pampered was.  And it was definitely something we all felt we would like to experience again, but for now, Mr T had to stay focused and drive us all back home.  We all bundled back into the ‘A’ Team van where Mr Plenty promptly fell asleep.

Oh well, he was celebrating a birthday none of the others have yet reached, so we had to expect that sort of behaviour from the old man!  😉


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