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“Never Was A Story Of More Woe…”

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…than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

A classic quote if ever there was one!

It has been some time since I last wrote about the exploits of Small Person 2 Of 2, so I feel I must address my omissions!  Despite my lack of content, she has continued to be a source of amusement over the past months, not only to me, but to all her friends and family.

Last week she came home from school and out of the blue told me that Shakespeare didn’t write Romeo and Juliet!  Just like that!  She didn’t dress it up to soften the blow.  She didn’t make sure I was sitting down first.  No, she just shattered a belief I have had for many years.  All my schooling had been a waste of time.  And why did I spend so many years in theatre including one renowned for its links to the great Bard?

So, once I had collected my thoughts and had pulled myself together, I asked her what evidence she had gained that had just blown away 500 years of belief.  Had she perhaps discovered an original copy of the script which had clearly been written by someone else?

I was desperate to know before I ripped the play out of my copy of The Complete Works Of Shakespeare.

And with that came the response “my teacher told us and we saw it on Wikipedia”.

Ah, the relief!

My Complete Works will remain intact.  A teacher had told her and she’d seen it on Wikipedia – one could be misunderstood; the other is not renowned for accuracy (I’ll let you work out which is which!).

So, with my Shakespeare bible safe, we set about trying to get to the bottom of these claims and why they were made.  Sometimes Small Person 2 Of 2 doesn’t listen very carefully and therefore it is always quite hard to unpick the events which lead to something.

Eventually we got to the bottom of the statement she had actually heard which was that Shakespeare had based his story of Romeo & Juliet on true events that had occurred before he was born and that the events were not his original idea.  Unfortunately, Small Person 2 Of 2 had understood this to mean that Romeo & Juliet was not written by Shakespeare.

This exercise to get her to understand that Shakespeare was the author of a play based on real events threw up another rather more amusing confusion.

Whilst she sat with me trawling through websites to locate the offending article, she came across details of Shakespeare’s marriage and suddenly exclaimed “it says here that apparently Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway, but she’s like 40!  How could he be married to her?

Anne Hathaway

40? The T-shirt say's it all!

I had to leave the room on this comedy of errors!

At least Small Person 2 Of 2 gave me an excuse to put a picture of Ms Hathaway on my blog!  And, Ms Hathaway, if you are reading this, I have assured her that you haven’t yet reached 30.

All’s well that ends well!  😉


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  1. Much ado about nothing, me thinks!!!!!

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