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Rubbish Service – Very Helpful!

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One of my pet hates is poor customer service and I may have posted about it once or twice in the past!  To be seen to be fair, I have also posted when receiving good customer service.

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And today it is good customer service that I am reporting.

Those of you who, like me, live in the South of England, may well have noticed the poor weather of late.  On April 5th of this year, our water provider imposed a hose pipe ban on all its customers.  We can no longer feed our garden.  And ever since the day that ban came into force, it has rained!

In the days leading up to the ban, I managed to get out into the garden and start on the annual cull of weeds (especially dandelions – see here – and if my good friend Lankyshire is reading, they’re back with a vengeance this year).  I filled my rather large trailer with bags full of weeds and dead branches.  I had every intention of taking the garden waste to the local rubbish dump, but was waiting until I had given the grass another trim.

However, the weather turned and I couldn’t get outside to mow the lawn (I call it a lawn, but you couldn’t play bowls on it).  As the days went by, I forgot the trailer was full.  It wasn’t until yesterday when She Who Must Be Obeyed asked me if I realised there was a lot of garden rubbish in the greenhouse that my memory was jogged.

So this morning, in between heavy downpours, I loaded the rubbish from the greenhouse into the trailer and set off towards the local tip in the hopes of getting back home before the rain washed me away.  There are certain times and days to avoid a trip to the tip because it seems the whole town has had the same desire to go there.  For example, after a really nice weekend, Monday at the tip is busier than our town centre on a Saturday afternoon!

I anticipated the tip would be fairly empty because not many people would have been gardening over the last week or two as we have had so much rain.  And for once, I was right!  So I drove straight in and straight round to the garden section.  All I had to do was reverse the trailer up to the wall and empty the contents.  This gave me an ideal opportunity to practice the reversing of my trailer as there was no queue of people to hold up or amuse whilst I struggled with opposite locks.

Having said that, I have, in recent times, perfected my reversing anyway and usually do it despite the queue of people.  Although I will admit to sometimes having to jump out, unhitch the trailer, push it to the wall and then reverse the car to the trailer!

Not today though, as the rain started to fall once more, it was a one attempt only.  I was even guided to the wall by a very helpful rubbish dump attendant (I wonder what their official title is – Waste Management Site Operative?).  This was good customer service number one.  And yet I still had an even better piece of customer service to come.

Having guided me in, the Waste Management Site Operative then started to unload my trailer before I even had a chance to switch off the engine and get out of the car.  As the rain was now falling, I was tempted to sit in my car and let this helpful gentleman carry on.  Obviously, I wouldn’t do this, so I got out of the car and started to unload my trailer.  The operative continued to help meaning I was back in the car and on my way home before getting too wet.

Good customer service number two!

I almost handed the operative a broom to sweep out the trailer, but felt that might be pushing my luck!

Anyway, my thanks to this very helpful gentleman for going over and above the course of his duty – not something I have encountered at the tip before.  His help not only kept me dry, but also gave me some extra minutes in the day to myself.  Don’t tell She Who Must Be Obeyed though – she’ll find something else for me to do!  😉


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