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Losing The Will To Live!

Is that my current state of mind? You decide!

This week is turning out to be a pretty strange one with all things appearing to be death related.

Monday was a double anniversary. Firstly, it was 27 years since I lost my first true love (read the story here) and secondly, it was 20 years since I attended the funeral of my maternal grandmother. It also happens that there was a high profile death that day as well, albeit unrelated to my life – Margaret Thatcher!

Wednesday’s itinerary included a meeting with a solicitor to start the whole Will making procedure. And this is something that rather blew my mind! Am I the only person who finds making preparations for after one’s own death disturbing? Surely not. Of course I realise that this is a necessity when one has a family, and I also realise that many people have drawn up their Wills a lot earlier in their lives than me, but that doesn’t make it any easier!

It’s hard enough thinking about a pension when you first start your working life – knowing that you aren’t going to see any benefit from it for around 40 years but to set up a Will when you don’t know whether it is going to be needed for another 20 days, 20 months or 20 years is a real challenge.

In a previous life (no, this isn’t another death related topic – I haven’t been reincarnated!) before I had time to blog, I used to do a bit of coding/programming. And whilst I sat there listening to the solicitor give me advice on Will writing, all I could think about were the ‘case’ and ‘if’ statements I used to have to write. The solicitor was trying to explain how to build some flexibility into the Will to prevent the need for regular updating.

What I was hearing was:

IF wife_alive

THEN read_will_1

ELSE read_will_2


IF read_will_1

THEN wife_gets_everything


Then it started to get complicated:

CASE read_will_2

WHEN siblings_alive AND offspring_alive THEN divide_level_1

WHEN siblings_gone AND offspring_alive THEN divide_level_2

WHEN offspring_alive AND siblings_offspring_alive THEN divide_level_3

WHEN something_else THEN something_different


A swift elbow in the ribs from She Who Must Be Obeyed soon bought me back into the room, but I still had a glazed expression in my eyes! Something the solicitor noted and suggested I go away and think about it. Great, I thought, more sleepless nights!

To round off the death related stories for this week, with just a brief mention that this time next week I will be attending a funeral (though not that of the former Prime Minister!), every night this week I am on stage in a play called Losing Louis. A play in which my role is one of two sons attending the funeral of their father! A play in which part of the story involves the content of the Will.

Now, is this life imitating art or art imitating life?