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Beware Of Oncoming Traffic

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It’s been several months since I last posted anything on this blog and some of you, my loyal readers, may be wondering why. Some of you may well think that it had run its natural course and it was time to end it. Some of you may not even have noticed!

So why haven’t I been blogging? Has it been because I’m merely coming across the same situations to rant about and you’ve heard it all before, so why repeat myself? Is it because I have mellowed in my old age and therefore nothing gets to me anymore (yeah right!)? Was I taken by aliens and they have only just put me back on this planet?

Well, the truth, unsurprisingly nothing to do with aliens, is I have no idea!

So, why am I blogging today?

Well, the way things have been going over the last 24 hours, I may not be around much longer to blog, so I thought I’d better get one more in!

Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal, but I have almost had two head on collisions with drivers who seemed rather distracted. The first was a young woman and the second an older lady who could barely see over the steering wheel.

The first incident was at around 7pm last night. As I was driving along quite happily minding my own business, I noticed ahead of me a car waiting to join the road I was on from a side turning. This was not, I thought, going to cause me a problem as the side turning was sufficiently far enough up the road for me to continue without breaking. What I was not expecting was for the driver of said car to turn into my road and drive towards me on my side of the road.

As the car got closer, I was able to see the panic in the eyes of the driver as she yanked the steering hard to the left to avoid me. Fortunately, I had been alert to the potential danger heading towards me. I had already noticed the driver was looking out the side window of her car at something on the other side of the road and hadn’t realised she was on the wrong side. I had slowed to a stop and was preparing to reverse swiftly out of the way but fortunately, she looked forward just in time.

Fast forward the clock 14 hours and I was once again in my car driving, not so happily this time because of the rain, towards my home. Once again, up ahead of me was a turning on my side of the road. This time there was no car waiting to come out of it to join the main road.

What happened next was certainly less predictable than the previous close shave and therefore more difficult to prepare for evasive action. There were three cars travelling in the opposite direction to me. As we all approached the side turning, a fourth car appeared from seemingly nowhere, travelling towards me on my side of the road, indicating to turn into the side road.

I didn’t have a great deal of time to react, but react I did and pulled up just short of hitting the oncoming car. I was, at this point, now across the turning. However, this didn’t stop the driver of the other car still making her turn, oblivious to the fact there was a car in her way. She went up over the kerb and carried on driving up the side road, without even the slightest attempt at acknowledging I was either there or in her way!

With a bemused look and a wry grin exchanged with one of the other drivers we each continued with our respective journeys – fortunately, in my case at least, safely and without further incident!

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I am approaching my saga years (rapidly)! Correction, I have now reached my saga years! I am a thespian who has appeared in commercials and films and on TV, and love my time on stage but am extremely frustrated that I get most my work as an amateur. When not on stage I can be found walking the countryside, leading worship at my local church or running IT training courses and fixing PCs – just waiting for that better offer!

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