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Horse Meat Scandal – A Cock And Bull Story?

For the last few weeks our news has been dominated by the horse meat scandal. Horse meat has been found in various ready meals and burgers in many stores across not only Britain but also main land Europe. Even a flat pack furniture store has suffered – although one wonders whether that was actually wooden rocking horse shavings! 😉

And of course the internet was awash with horse related jokes, but I’m closing the stable door on those and won’t repeat any of them here as I believe that horse has well and truly bolted!

However, whilst trotting round my local supermarket the other day, trying to find something which didn’t contain traces of horse meat, I was surprised to see the fresh meat counter had rather a lot of saddle. 😉

To overcome that hurdle, I cantered round to the next aisle which contained foods from around the world. Foods from Africa, America, Asia, the Caribbean and Poland. Latin American and Kosher foods. There was even a section dedicated to Irish food and no, it wasn’t just shelves full of potatoes and Guinness – there were also cans of Harp Lager and bottles of Paddy Old Irish Whiskey!

Whilst studying the array of foods available from all corners of the world, some of which I had come across during my travels, I paused at the Oriental section. I have a fondness for foods from this part of the world, probably because they are amongst my earliest memories of food from abroad as a child. And I guess that would be true for many from my generation.

We all know that there are some foods served up in the east that we in the west would consider out of bounds. For example, regular readers will know that I am not fond of dogs, but I would never consider eating part of one or indeed a whole one! However in some parts of the east, dog is readily available on the menu. I scanned the shelves not really expecting to find anything outrageous or stomach churning until one packet caught my eye.

I realise, of course, that the contents of this packet is not really what immediately came to mind but considering the horse meat issue, it did rather amuse!

Not what I want in my soup!

Not what I want in my soup!

Right, I’m off to cook some Bolgneighs or maybe a Filly Con Carne!

I have just received an email about horse meat – I thought it was spam!