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A Window To Our Souls

Before I recount the latest episode of my window replacement, I wonder whether I have the spelling of the last two words of the title of this post correct – Our Souls. I’ll leave you to think about that and decide as you read about the window installation.

A little reminder how it was left last time (read the full story here):

  • 14 windows to be replaced
  • 5 wrong pattern
  • 4 wrong size
  • 1 not on the van
  • 1 not attempted
  • 3 successful (yes, just 3 out of 14)!

So, after a brief phone call to the glazing company, they said they would return with the correct replacement windows just after noon last Thursday. At just after 3pm, they turned up!

Not a great start to their second attempt.

Also, the previous fitter said he required a second fitter for one of the windows, however, once again only one fitter turned up – things were not looking good. Never mind, I thought, maybe he has a plan – I’ll give him the benefit of doubt.

This fitter had a different method to the last – he unloaded every window from the van and stacked them up outside the front door. Ah, thought I, he is more organised.

A quick reminder of what should have been on the van – 8 leaded lights, 1 frosted, 1 clear and 1 with a cat flap.

So to the first window, one of the leaded lights. Firstly it was the correct pattern. Secondly the lead was the correct thickness. Thirdly it fitted. Great things were looking good. Do we start cheering? No, wait, what has happened to the lead? It has been damaged in transit!


Second window? Lead pattern, lead thickness, window size – all good!

Third window? Lead pattern, lead thickness, window size – all good!

Fourth window? Lead pattern, lead thickness, window size – all good! No, it’s damaged!

Fifth window? Lead pattern, lead thickness, window size – sadly only 2 out of 3!

Sixth window? Lead pattern, lead thickness, window size – just like the fifth, incorrect pattern.

That completes the first phase of the downstairs windows, now to move to the upstairs. But wait, why is the fitter scratching his head? He explains he was unaware any windows were to be fitted on the first floor and that he didn’t bring a ladder with him! However, he has a plan; he will unscrew the entire fitting from the inside, fit the new window and then screw the whole window enclosure back in place. And so we move on.

Seventh window? Lead pattern, lead thickness, window size – all good!

Eighth window? Lead pattern, lead thickness, window size – again the wrong pattern.

Well, that completes the 8 leaded lights and we have managed 3 successes – that equals the number we got from the first visit, but as that was 3 out of 14 and this is, so far, 3 out of 8, we have a great improvement!

Now onto the one not attempted last time because a second fitter was required. This time this fitter believes he can do it employing the same principle he used on the ones he managed without the ladder. Which I believe he could have, had the replacement window been on the van!

Oh dear, another one forgotten!

OK, back downstairs and onto the frosted window. Ah, not on the van either.

Alright then, we’ll move onto the last one. The one with the cat flap. This is on the van and is plain glass, so there really shouldn’t be any issues.

Should there?

Well no, unless you count a hole where the cat flap should be an issue. Which oddly enough I do!

So there we are, another visit complete. And how did they do this time?

Here’s a recap:

  • 11 windows to be fitted
  • 2 damaged
  • 3 incorrect pattern
  • 2 not on van
  • 1 incomplete
  • 3 successfully fitted

I’ve heard it said that 3 is a magic number, but quite honestly, I’d rather the window firm managed more than 3 on each visit.

So, back to the title of this post, maybe I’ll just leave it to you to decide on the pronunciation – do you pronounce ‘Our’ as in ‘hour’, as I would or as in ‘are’? In which case ‘Our Souls’ sounds a whole lot different but maybe more fitting!