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Third Rate Shopping!

I recently had the joy of shopping with She Who Must Be Obeyed.  I say joy, but that’s only when it is compared to having one’s teeth pulled out without an anaesthetic!  Sometimes it feels as though we have to look at every single item on every single rack in every single store.

Now I count myself as a fairly patient person, but this is one area which really pushes my patience to its limits.  I have the capacity for slow moving events.  After all, I am British, I can queue and watch cricket, but I can’t stand around in stores watching someone else looking at all those clothes and shoes!  Just before Christmas, I had to sit outside a changing room for over an hour whilst She Who Must Be Obeyed tried on seven outfits.

After a while, I glaze over and drift off into a world of my own.  However, I always have to keep one eye in the real world in case She Who Must Be Obeyed holds up a garment for some kind of nod of approval or look of ‘no, that’s not you’.  Can you imagine if I just nodded and smiled whilst she was holding up a carrier bag?

Anyway, I digress as usual!

Whilst standing in this world of my own, I spotted a discrepancy in the pricing on some of the clothes.  That discrepancy concerned the price one would pay in another country.  I won’t name and shame the store, but will just let you know they are BRITISH; sell products for the HOME and have STORES around the country.

On each Image0091price tag there were two prices displayed: GBP and Euro.

The first was priced at £35 or €45.  That means an exchange rate of 1.285714 (to be precise!).  And that is higher than at any time since October 2008!  The second tag I saw was for £33 or €43. Image0093  That means an exchange rate of 1.30303 (again to be precise!).

Two different rates?  Or does this store merely just increase every price by 10 to reach a Euro price?

Then, however, I noticed another label which had the same GBP price as one of the above – £33, but this time the Euro price was not €43.  So, a third rate had been introduced into this store, but would it be a new low, or a new high?

Well, I can now reveal, the third rate was 1.424242 making the Euro price for this item – €47.Image0092  That made it more expensive than the £35 item!!

The Euro hasn’t been that high since November 2007!

I tried to look around for more comparisons, but I was spotted by some of the staff as I took photographs of the item labels.  I felt it was time to move on.

I wonder if this store would let me exchange my pounds for Euros, because they certainly seem to be higher than any bureau de change!