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Roll Call

The purpose of this page is to give a little background to some of the people I reference during my ramblings.  Probably only those I will reference in multiple blogs.

Why would I give you that information?  Well, when referencing someone, I intend to always call them the same name – forever.  It maybe that the reference I make at the time of their first mention is obvious, but in posts to come it may become difficult to work out why that person is so called.

In fact I may need to remind myself!

As an example, take the very first entry in the list – Good Friend And On Stage Mistress.  I gave her that name because of the play we were in together at the time but we will undoubtedly move on to another production in the days to come where we might not play opposite each other at all.  The reference might then seem to make no sense at all.

Listed below are people I have referenced in the order I referenced them.

Good Friend And On Stage Mistress – we have known each other since our first production together in 1983, The Sound Of Music.  At the time of starting this blog, she was playing opposite me in The Memory Of Water.  My character was married and having an affair with her.  It is because of her that I started this blog in the first place, so I’m not sure whether to thank her or blame her!

She Who Must Be Obeyed – fairly obvious I would have thought!  This is my wife.  I thought I would be in trouble if she ever found this blog.  It took her over a year to find it, and despite my initial reservations, she hasn’t yet cut anything off!  She has an Irish ancestry which may explain her logic!

Small Person 1 Of 2 – the eldest of my two step-daughters.  Has recently done very well at school with her GCSEs (or whatever they are called in these modern days!) – quite talented, especially singing – but shares her mother’s logic.

Small Person 2 Of 2 – the youngest of my two step-daughters.  Very artistic and creative, shares her mother’s logic as well, but see things in black and white.  Needs all the Ts crossed and the Is dotted.

Wonderful  Sound Girl – long standing amdram friend since 1987.  We have been in many productions together, but now she has moved to the technical side of things and operates the sound desk.

Welsh Weeble – a good friend with whom I spend a lot of time.  He is probably the most intelligent person I know!  He did a degree for fun and in half the normal time!  He can’t help being Welsh – it was something he had no say over.  Loves his food and drink – maybe just a little too much!

Chef – another good friend with whom I spend a lot of time.  We share a passion for cooking and walking.  In fact it was he, with Welsh Weeble, who first introduced me to mountain walking.  Loves his car and is always looking for a good road to put it through its paces.

Nursey – wife of Chef and yet another good friend.  We are singing partners in our church band.  She is a cross between Nurse Gladys from ‘Open All Hours‘ and Nursey from ‘Black Adder‘.  The sort of person everyone wants as their mother.  And she’ll probably hate me for saying so!

NUTTY – eldest daughter of Chef and Nursey.  Training to be a teacher – correction, has now qualified!  Also just passed her driving test – so be warned and keep off the roads. 🙂  Very bubbly character, but not someone you would want to argue with.

Tiny Dancer – younger sister to NUTTY.  Excellent dancer set to have an incredible career once she has completed her training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

The Kid – neighbour of Chef and Nursey.  Loves Formula One racing but is a bit fickle over which team to follow.  Also shares a passion for cooking.  Takes his name from Kid Creole & The Coconuts.

The Coconut – wife of The Kid.  Loves her Sing Star – hates the word ‘nice’.

Mr Plenty – takes his name from a New Year’s Eve fancy dress event at which he looked more like a character from a commercial for paper towels than the character he was dressed as!

Bud – tall and blonde, just like the beer!  Married to Mr Plenty.

Lanky Shire – actor friend of mine – tall and from Lancashire.  Constantly ‘mekking a brew’ – usually of the beer variety!

GAY Cabs – wife of Welsh Weeble.  Runs a fleet of green and yellow taxis emergency vehicles and cannot be separated from her blueberry (or raspberry or whatever fruit it is she talks into!).  Also a long standing amdram friend and co-singer in the church worship band.

PC Bob – a real Mr Fix-It.  Has a tool for everything and the ability to use it!  Works wonders with the humble potato, which the Small Persons often ask me to recreate!

Wife Upon The Wicked Stage – wife of PC Bob.  Yet another long standing amdram friend who also featured in my very first production with Good Friend And On Stage Mistress.  Once, whilst playing my on stage wife, we did a song and dance routine which included tap and lifts onto my shoulder – she failed to mention she was pregnant with twins at the time!

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  1. even though I love my beer I wouldn’t be seen dead in a Yorkie bar

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