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The things I do – whilst waiting for a better offer!

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“When Dreams Invade!”

OK, it’s official, I have a problem.  It’s not a drink problem and it’s not drug related.  Well, not technically drugs, but I am officially hooked on it.

It’s blogging!

It’s after 3 in the morning.  I should be tucked up in bed fast asleep preparing myself for my all night vigil on Friday when there will be no sleep.  That’s right, Friday night see the start of the 24 hour musical – the annual event where a group of mad theatre enthusiasts get together to learn and perform a musical in just 24 hours.

Why would we do such a thing?

Charity!  Why else.  The banner under which many crazy and inexplicable things are carried out.

So what am I doing here at my keyboard?

Well, in the small amount of sleep I was getting, I started to dream about blogging.  I know, I told you I was hooked!  In that dream, I had heard a story on the national radio about my home town.  A man, whom I didn’t know, had written in to set the record straight about an article the radio had raised previously.

I felt the man had not accurately corrected the statement and was in the process of contacting the radio station myself.  I went for a walk and for some unknown reason ended up at my local railway station – there was no issue with the crossing gates or the trainspotters!

This man was sitting having a coffee at the station café.  Now, hang on a minute, I hear you scream, how did you know it was the man from the letter to the radio if you didn’t know him?

It was a dream!  Anything can happen in a dream.

So I stopped and started to chat with him.  We were discussing my home town in great detail and he was impressed with the background I had in the subject.  After all, I have lived and worked in the town for many years.

Suddenly he started to talk about his time as a hedgehog!  What?  Yes, apparently he was once a hedgehog.  I thought I must get home and add this comment to a blog – “man was a hedgehog in a previous life”.  It would make a great story – who would believe it.  Just as I was getting interested in this man, and thinking about the things I could blog about him, I realised I should be at home having dinner with She Who Must Be Obeyed and Small Persons 1 And 2 Of 2.

It was at this time that I woke up.  I had been dreaming about blogging.  I’ve lost it!

Obviously I could no longer sleep, the thought of blogging about a man being a hedgehog was just playing on my mind.  I had to get up and start typing, just to get the idea out of my head.  There was no intention of publishing it, just clear my mind and get some more sleep!

Which option did I choose?  Well, I told you I had a problem.

Now, back to bed, and leave all thoughts of men being hedgehogs on this page – sleep is a premium right now!