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“What A Weekend! – Part 6”

As these stories seem to be going on a lot longer than the actual weekend itself, I have decided to skip the Saturday night and move on to Sunday.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the Saturday night.  It was a great evening, with wonderful company and Bud had excelled herself over the catering.  We spent the entire evening sitting in the garden round a table piled high with great food.

Bud had even enlisted the help of a minor wine buff who recommended some good red stuff and bubbles for the event.

And the only thing worth reporting from the evening was that Mr Plenty, obviously still relaxed from the earlier pampering session, once more fell asleep.  This time it was in front of the chimnea where he slept until 3.30am.  When he woke up, he was covered in moths and ash!

As this, up to now, had been a birthday weekend with lots of leisure activities, it seemed only right to continue that into the Sunday.  And Sunday was a bit of a sporting day.  Not for us to take part in, but to watch.  First there was the British Grand Prix from Silverstone and then later came the World Cup Final.

What is a man to do?

The ladies took themselves off for the afternoon to pick fruit.  They trooped en masse to the local ‘Pick Your Own’ farm where they filled their baskets with various fruits.  Meanwhile the men folk settled down to watch an eventful Formula 1 race.  And there was great divide in support.  Some supporting a team rather than a driver and some supporting the British drivers.

The race finished early enough to get back out in the garden to enjoy the wonderful weather we had been blessed with, where we were joined by the ladies complete with fruit.  And for me, it was particularly wonderful as the ladies had picked a whole bag of Gooseberries which no one else liked.  Oh what bliss!

The Kid and The Coconut had to interrupt their sporting celebration to have a meeting with their photographer about their looming wedding.  I say meeting, it seemed to be a casual drink in the sunshine in their garden whilst looking at photo albums.  At least The Coconut was looking, whilst The Kid was wandering back and forth through the gap in the garden fence!

He was actually preparing his barbecue for the feast that was to precede the World Cup Final.  On Thursday night we had enjoyed some great ribs at the pre sailing barbecue and The Kid was determined to recreate them.  He did a great job.  Slow cooking his ribs for an hour certainly paid off.  Meanwhile Queenie was in the kitchen making burgers – that’s right, no pre-packed food for us!

Back on the right side of the gap in the fence, Chef was busy cooking all sorts (not the liquorice variety) on his barbecue.  And Nursey and I were creating salads in the kitchen.  Soon another great feast was laid out before us in the garden.

The only thing left to do now was to settle down and watch the final, but to be honest who really cared about the football?  We had great food, great company and great red stuff.  Did it really matter who won the football.

Well, as it happened no, it didn’t.  Again the support was split between the Dutch and the Spanish.  Although I think some of us were supporting the English referee!  We sat through 90 minutes of normal time without a glimpse of a winning goal.  Then came 30 minutes of extra time.

Still neither side looked likely to score to settle the issue.  And with penalties looming within about 3 minutes, I got a call on my mobile phone.  I took it out into the kitchen so that I didn’t disturb the others enjoyment(!) of the match.

And what happened?

The only goal of the game was scored and I missed it!  😦