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Water, Water, Everywhere …

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and peaceful New Year – welcome to 2013!

Right, let’s dispense with the pleasantries and start with the first rant of the year! And which sector of society is opening the flood gates this year?

The construction engineer!

And by that I mean two groups of workmen working on two projects in my area. The first, a group of workmen tending to the local highways. The second, a group of workmen extending a local store. However, despite the differences in their projects, the gripe is the same.

I am going to start with the second group. In recent weeks, one of the national supermarket chains has been extending our local store, and, although I am about to have a moan about them, they have, for the most part, done an excellent job. The store upgrade looks good; the facilities have been improved, but there is one area where they have made a bit of a mistake.

The approach to the store has been redesigned and landscaped with plenty of paving and copious amounts of flower beds. They have also installed several bench seats (some of which are rather garish in colour!). However, they failed to put in sufficient drainage and with the deluge of rain we have had recently, the whole area is so flooded, it has become impassable!

Which brings me nicely round to the first group of workmen. These are the ones working on the highways. In particular, on the main trunk road linking the major south coast towns and cities. This road is, at the best of times, a nightmare to negotiate and has several bottlenecks (most of which seem to be in my town – see this earlier post Traffic Chaos Gets A Green Light!), however, over the last three months there have been major road works which have narrowed this two lane carriageway to a single lane.

Traffic backed up for miles and drivers have had to sit for hours advancing inch by inch. And to cap it all, over Christmas, with the road works suspended for the holidays, the carriageways were severely compromised following a spell of heavy rain. Drivers needed to fit outboard motors to their cars to continue their journeys.

The road works should have been completed before Christmas but will now have to be carried on in to the new year. The cost of the works is already into six figures, but the best part it? The work being carried out for three months was to improve drainage!

Epic fail methinks!

Now, whilst both errors are in some ways inexcusable, I still have a little Christmas spirit in me and as it is the season of goodwill, I feel the second group, those working on the supermarket, can be excused, as they were landscaping and obviously just didn’t allow for building rubble causing drainage issues. However, a group of men working on improving drainage on the roadside must surely be thrown aboard a ship and sent to distant shores until they can figure out how not to cause a flood where they were trying to prevent one!