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Bad Things Come In Threes!

Someone once said bad things come in threes. I don’t know who that someone was who once said this nor do I know what led them to this saying, but, this weekend, they were spot on.  For me at least.

And whilst I say bad things, they were more inconveniences than truly bad things.

It all started shortly after I had invited my good friends The Bobs to join She Who Must Be Obeyed and I for dinner on Saturday night.  However, let me just stress it was nothing to do with The Bobs, we had a lovely evening with them and really enjoyed catching up following their recent holiday.

No, the first of the bad things happened as I started to prepare the dessert for our meal.  I had chosen to make a baked cheesecake, a particular favourite of She Who Must Be Obeyed’s, and whilst the biscuit base was being blind baked in the oven , I mixed up the ingredients for the filling.  Once mixed, these ingredients were fairly fluid but would firm up during the baking.

After the blind baked biscuit base (don’t you just love an alliteration!) had cooled a little, I poured the filling onto the top of the biscuit base.  This base was in a spring form cake tin.  For those readers not wise in the ways of all things in the kitchen utensil department, here is a picture of an open spring form cake tin.

And that picture may well have given you a hint as to what was about to happen!

As I lifted the filled spring form cake tin to place it in the oven, the catch must have loosened.  I was now covered in cheesecake mix and was standing in a sticky puddle!  There was nothing I could do to rescue the situation, the cheesecake was completely ruined.  There wasn’t enough filling left on the base to call it a cheesecake, and I certainly couldn’t scrape it up off the floor!  I would have to start again.

At this point, I’m going to jump to the third accident of the weekend before returning to the second.  The third was perhaps the least spectacular of the weekend, but nevertheless still resulted in a change of clothes being required.  Following Sunday morning’s church service, I was standing chatting with a few other members of the congregation whilst drinking coffee.  I was clearly being overzealous and talking with my hands and somehow managed to tip the entire cup of coffee all down my shirt!

Now, you will have noticed there is a theme to my weekend accidents – I get covered in something and require a change of clothes.  And so to the second accident.  This was by far the messiest and required not only a change of clothes, but also a shower!

Having spilt the cheesecake mix everywhere, I was obviously one course down in the menu stakes.  This meant I needed to pop out to the shops to purchase some more ingredients before I could start to make the cheesecake all over again.  I chose to walk to the nearest shops rather than drive to the out of town supermarket where I would normally do my weekly shop.

This was to be my undoing!

With the ingredients successfully bagged, I was only four hundred metres from home when the inevitable happened.  As I passed under a tree, it was as though an entire flock of birds decided they all needed to vacate their bowels at the same instant.  I was literally covered from head to toe.

It was dripping off my hair; it was running down my back; it was splattered all over my clothes.  I didn’t see the culprit, but it must have been one huge bird.

Someone also said it was a sign of good luck to be hit on the head by bird droppings.  I don’t understand why, and I wonder whether it was the same person who said bad things always happen in threes.  Either way, I think they missed the mark – unlike the bird!

I guess I was lucky in a way.  Lucky I hadn’t been looking up at the time of impact!

Bird Droppings

Just a drop of what landed on me!