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Sun, Sand And Mangy Mutts!

I may have mentioned before (once or twice!) about the love affair I have with dogs. Dogs of all shapes and sizes. Although, some readers may recall my encounters with the small yappy versions of this species!

And if you missed them, take a look at these as a few examples!

Meanwhile, back to the latest encounter.

It was a crisp, cold February morning. The temperature was hovering around zero degrees but the sun was shining brilliantly in a virtually cloudless sky. There was a gentle breeze blowing from the north. It was just perfect for a little walk, and living just a mile from the beach in one direction and the South Downs in the other, I had a decision to make.

And whilst the thought of the rolling hills, with the (very) early season buds breaking through the earth and dripping from the trees, seemed appealing, there was never really going to be a chance that I would choose them over the beach.  Too many dog walkers on the hills!

The tide was a long way out, although not as far as it can go, however, it was far enough to reveal the sand. Having walked in one direction along the promenade, I decided the sand just looked far too inviting to be ignored. So I ventured across the pebbles and headed towards the sea.

Footprints in the sand

Footprints in the sand

Strolling across the sand was like walking through virgin snow; my footprints were clearly visible behind me. It was as though no one else had ever walked on the sand. It was a beautiful scene. The gentle breeze blowing over the promenade, down the pebbles and across my face kept one side of me firmly in the cold, crisp February day that it was. The low, bright sun slowly warming up the other side of my face teasing me with thoughts of a summer to come.

Tranquillity personified!

Unfortunately that tranquillity was about to be shattered. Up to this point the only sounds I could hear were the waves gently caressing the shore line and the seagulls squawking (or whatever the sound they make is called) as they jostled for position over the fruits of the sea which had been washed up at high tide. And that shattering came in the form of (yes, you’ve guessed it) a small yappy mutt!

Initially, this small brown fur ball was only enjoying the freedom it was given to run around a very empty beach. And why not, after all, I was doing pretty much the same thing, only I was walking in a straight line and not tearing about and I wasn’t making a yappy sound! However, the dog then decided it wanted the entire beach to itself and tried to scare me off. Now, picture the scene, a small dog, about one foot high, barking its little head off with a high pitched yapp at a man over six feet tall! I certainly wasn’t intimidated. I did, however, bend my arms at the elbows just to lift my fingers out of the way of this slobbering beast’s teeth.

In the distance, I could hear the faint call from the dog’s owner. I craned my neck to look over my left shoulder, to see a young woman standing, motionless at the water’s edge. Ah good, I thought, tranquillity will soon be reinstated. The dog, however, had other thoughts in mind, and after returning to the owner and yapping at her, it turned and headed back towards me. Picking up as much speed as its little legs could muster, it launched itself at my back causing me to miss a step. Fortunately, for the dog, it bounced off me and ran away, otherwise it might just have been fed to the ever hungry seagulls! 😉

Undeterred, the dog regrouped for another attack. Still yapping away, it charged again, this time, however, it was hotly pursued by the owner. And unlike the previous attack, I was now alert and aware, and merely side stepped as the dog once more launched itself in a kamikaze style. As the dog flew inches past me like a missile, I caught a glimpse of the woman who was still a little way off. The dog started to circle me, so I decided to stop and give the owner a chance to catch us up in the hopes she would muzzle this ferocious creature.

After a few moments, the owner reached us, apologised, and took hold of the dog’s collar, whilst I made my getaway. As I walked away, the owner turned to the yapping beast and said ‘naughty girl’!


I thought a ferocious beast like that would at least have been male! Still in earshot, I heard the owner call the dog by its name – Nina.

Nina? I was savaged by a Nina!

Moments later, Nina attacked another walker!  🙂