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‘L’ Hath No Fury Like A Driver Scorned!

I’m issuing a warning to all drivers in my local area – Small Person 1 Of 2 has started driving lessons!

In fact, I should perhaps warn all pedestrians as well – just in case!

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m being harsh or judgemental about her driving, as I have yet to be in a car with her at the wheel, but following her post on a social media site, I thought it only fair to make you all aware.


Of course, another downside to Small Person 1 Of 2 learning to drive is that we’ll have a new copy of the Highway Code in the house. It’s only a downside because I don’t recall opening my copy since the day I passed my test over thirty years ago and there are probably things I’ll learn as a result of testing her on the book’s contents! Things which I should have known before taking to the road every day!

This also means that I am going to have to make sure I drive correctly when she is in the car, as no doubt she will be watching carefully trying to pick up tips.

I know the whole learning process has changed to include a theory test prior to the real test, but I wonder what else they teach the young drivers of today. For example, are they taught how to parallel park whilst texting on their mobile phones? Or do an emergency stop and update their Facebook status at the same time?

We were taught to remember three things before we pulled out into traffic – mirror, signal, manoeuvre. Now, I expect they are taught to Tweet their intention to join the traffic. Possibly accompanied by posting an image of the car and road to one of the popular photo blogging sites.

l_plate I guess lessons must now also include plotting a sat nav whilst on the move and changing the music on an MP3 player attached via bluetooth! Whatever happened to cassettes and 8 track cartridges?

I’m off to get some L plates for when I take her out. Oh, and maybe a roll cage fitted to my car!