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“It’s Like A Good 10!”

I started the last post with the phrase “OK, stand by for one of my rants again!” and that is exactly how I feel I should start this one.

I realise I have reached a certain age, but have I really become a grumpy old man?

No, I was this grumpy when I was half my current age!  😉

I should point out that I am not grumpy about everything, just the use, or should I say misuse, of our language.

I have posted before on one of my pet hates (see “Like It Or Like Loathe It!”) and no doubt I WILL post again in the future.  Just to recap my hatred of the way the word ‘like’ is used I can illustrate with an overheard sentence from earlier today – “I was like on my way to the station when he like phoned me”.

So was this person going to the station or were they just about to go to the station?  Did they mean they were almost on their way when the phone rang?

And did the phone ring?  Or did the call come via something other than a phone; maybe a two way radio which was similar to a phone call?

But back to the new rant.

Have you noticed the way the word ‘good’ has taken on the meaning of ‘approximately’?

People all around are adding the word ‘good’ where the word ‘good’ needn’t be.  Ask someone how long it will take to drive from one location to another and they will respond ‘it will take you a good 45 minutes’.

So how long does the journey take?  Is it 45 minutes or could it take approximately 45 minutes?

They might as well have said ‘like’ – ‘it will take like 45 minutes’!

And celebrity chefs are constantly saying it on the television – ‘put it in the oven for a good 10 minutes’.  Which of course doesn’t help the budding cooks – how do they really know the length of time to leave the food in the oven?

Maybe one could turn this new use of the word to one’s advantage.  Supposing one was driving along the road doing 40 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour limit.  When pulled over by the police, could one claim one was driving at a good 30 miles per hour?

I don’t think I’ll try it!

Of course, I have to listen very carefully before picking people up on the use of this word, because there is a chance that they are using it correctly.  For example, when they have just enjoyed a beer, they might say they had just had a good pint.  It would be remiss of me to question whether the glass actually contained a pint or approximately a pint!

I’ll get off my soap box now because really I’ve had a good day.

Or have I?  It is only midway through the afternoon so I’ve only had a good two thirds of a day!  And actually, I was asleep for some of that time so it’s been ‘like’ a ‘good’ few hours.