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“The Italian Job – The Amenities”

This is the continuation of our camping holiday in Italy (see the previous post).

Finally, after the lengthy journey and the hassle of the poor weather in the first week, we were able to start enjoying not only our holiday, but also the facilities on and around the camp site which would enhance our stay in that particular part of Italy. I’ve already mentioned that the site was on the edge of a lake, and once the flood waters had subsided, everyone on the camp site was once again able to use the lake like the seaside and either lay out in the sun on the beach or swim in the lake or both! The lake proved to be extremely popular, and the majority of the inhabitants of the camp site spent their days around it, however for some there was also an onsite swimming pool which was, for the most part, largely empty, allowing almost exclusive use!

Other amenities included a recreation area for the children where they could play, amongst other things, table tennis or at least their version of it, which really just meant twenty or so children, of all ages, circling the table and either just banging their bats on it or attempting to knock the ball back and getting round to the other end before it was their turn to hit it again. There was also a tennis court, a football pitch, a volley ball court and a basketball hoop – something for just about everyone – even the locals had their own ‘bocce’ court/pitch/arena (delete as appropriate) where other mainland Europeans could also play their versions of the game, boules or pétanque.

Bocce / Boules / Petanque

Bocce / Boules / Petanque

However, it was, of all the onsite amenities, the shower blocks which seemed to attract many people for differing types of entertainment and I’ll be the first to admit I did find some amusement from them myself albeit it good clean fun (pun intended!). The shower block was divided into two sections male and female, which was a relief after the previous year when everyone, man, woman and child, had to fight over one shared set of showers. In each section there were ten cubicles, nine with showers and one with just a hand basin, presumably for those more bashful individuals who wanted more privacy than they would get using the row of basins in the open!

So why and how was I getting amusement from the showers?

Well, as someone who was always up early in the morning, I would naturally go to the shower block to get first use out of them, and more days than not, I would be the first one there. What often amused me was that being the first one there, I would get the choice of all nine cubicles, which would then leave eight for the next person to pick from. And from those eight, invariably, the person who arrived at the block immediately after me, and I’ve no idea if it was the same person everyday, would always pick the one next to me. I have noticed something similar before when I’ve been on the train, or waiting in the doctor’s surgery or some such similar premises. Where there has been a lot of empty seats, I always seem to manage to attract the person who chooses the seat next to me – it’s not intentional, it just happens. It can’t always be because people like the look of me and think “I will sit next to that nice looking man, he seems safe” because the showers were private with their own doors and no one could see who was in the cubicle!

For the first few days, I was always drawn to the same shower, force of habit (if one can form a habit over such a few days), but once I had noticed that the second person in the showers always picked the one adjacent to mine, I started to use a different one everyday. My theory was that if the other shower user was the same person every morning, then maybe he was just in some sort of habit where he was drawn to one particular cubicle. Alas, my theory was incorrect and each and every morning the first shower to be used, other than the one I was in, was the one next to me!

I mentioned earlier that others were finding ways of being entertained in the showers, which mostly happened in the evening, and whilst most of the antics were quite simply harmless, if maybe a little boisterous, others were, well, not printable here! Whilst some showers were occupied by members of the younger generation shouting loudly to each other across the tops of the cubicles, or throwing articles of clothing, bottles of shower gel and sometimes water balloons to each other, or banging their hands on the cubicle panels, some were occupied by one male and one female who were, how shall I put it, banging the cubicle panels in a different way!

There is something somewhat off-putting when one suddenly sees two sets of feet under the cubicle panel where there should only be one. And it is even worse when one sees something from other cubicles that perhaps one doesn’t want to see. So I’ll close this post with a plea to the young lad who was in the cubicle next to me on more than one occasion, stop it, you’ll pull it off!  😉

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