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“Famous Or Infamous?”

I have probably been a bit grumpy and not really at the top of my game recently because I have been experiencing something I have never before experienced – man flu!

Although, I hasten to add very quickly and state in my defence that my current cold has lasted 4 weeks, and has been getting progressively worse.  Normally in my household, it is She Who Must Be Obeyed who gets man flu.  If I ever get a cold, it normally last 24 hours.  A really bad cold might stretch into a third day, but that is rare.  It has normally gone within two days.  So I have never been associated with man flu.

But this cold, as I said earlier, has been around for four weeks, and is showing no sign of leaving me.

How do I know it has been four weeks?  Am I exaggerating for extra sympathy?

No, the reason I know so categorically is because She Who Must Be Obeyed had organised a day out in Cambridge during the first week of May.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel because she got one of her colds.  And the very next day, I got the bug and it hasn’t gone away yet.

To top this off, She Who Must Be Obeyed rescheduled the day out in Cambridge for the Saturday of the weekend just gone, and despite my lack of health, I was not going to cancel again.  So Saturday morning we bundled Small Persons 1 & 2 Of 2 into the car and headed off.

The journey was going quite well, despite it being a very hot day, and despite my incredible cold.  Driving and blowing ones nose at the same time is no mean feat, and is not something to be sneezed at!!  🙂

Small Person 2 Of 2 was more interested in how close we were going to be to London than where we were actually going.  When asked why, she simply said “because The Jonas Brothers are in London at the moment and it means I will be close to them”!

Not being a great one for having a sense of where she is, and I guess that is to be expected from one her age, she kept asking where we were and when will we be close to London.  I guess it could have been worse; it could have been that age old question “are we nearly there yet?”

It was very difficult to explain that the journey would take us around the outskirts of London, and not really near it.  Although, technically we were much closer to it than we were when we were still at home!  So I said we would be crossing the river Thames and that seemed to please her because she did at least know that the Thames and London are associated.

As we approached the tunnel to take us under the Thames, we joined one of the several queues at the toll booths.  I noticed a bright pink convertible immediately to our left.  In it was someone I thought looked remarkably like Katie Price AKA Jordan.  I said nothing, and just continued to edge forward in the queue.

Suddenly Small Person 2 Of 2 got really excited because she’d spotted a celebrity.  Who?  I asked.  Pointing at the car to our left, and waving at its occupants, Small Person 2 Of 2 said “there, it’s Katie Price”.

“Oh”, I said, “I thought you said a celebrity, she’s not a celebrity, she’s more of a celebrititty”.

Needless to say, neither Small Persons understood that, which meant I had to explain why she had become famous!

Both Small Persons immediately started to text all their friends to tell them who they had just seen.  And before we’d made it to the tunnel, Small Person 2 Of 2 had used up all her credit!

They were so busy texting, they didn’t see where KP went, and had no idea that she was now behind us and was following us further up the M25 for at least another twelve miles.  It was only when we took an exit that they noticed her drive past.  That immediately reignited the excitement.

And we were to hear about that ‘meeting’ for the rest of the afternoon.  And indeed for the whole of the next day!  Small Person 2 Of 2 has this theory that any celebrity she meets gets her closer to other celebrities.  Not physically, but because KP was married to Peter Andre, she now feels as though she has met him!

I started to list all the celebrities I worked with or came in contact with over my years in theatre.  Many of them were unknown to the Small Persons, but they were very impressed with ABBA and the royalty.  And my list included true, talented, people!

Enough said.