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The Ministry Of Silly Walks!

If we don’t have a mobile phone ourselves, I’m sure we’ll know someone who has.  It is estimated that the current population of the world is 7 billion of which 4.6 billion have a mobile phone subscription!

Is that all?

That seems quite low when you consider it is also estimated that there are more mobile phones in the UK than people to use them!

So if that is the case:

a) who is using all these extra phones

b) and who are they calling?

As you may have noticed in previous posts, I like to observe people and their habits.  And something that always puzzles me with people and mobile phones is the need to move around when using them.

I realise the very nature of a mobile phone is that it is designed to be used on the go, but does that mean you have to be mobile; that you have to be moving around to use one?  If the phone rings whilst you are walking down the street, by all means answer it and keep walking.  After all, that is when a mobile phone comes in very handy.  However, if you are, for example, sitting on a park bench or standing on the platform at the station and your phone rings, do you really have to wander aimlessly about whilst answering it?

Why is it some people feel the need to parade around as if they are making their way through a maze?  The constant turning back on themselves; retracing their last steps like a person making a wrong turn in the maze and coming face to face with a dead end.  Or they act as though they are a laboratory animal in a glass case; they keep bumping in to the see-through wall which they cannot see making them alter their current path.

And why do they make peculiar movements?  These people never seem to walk normally but take more exaggerated steps as if auditioning for the Monty Python sketch “The Ministry Of Silly Walks” (apologies to you youngsters who have never heard of that – watch this clip).

Ministry Of Silly Walks

Ministry Of Silly Mobile Walks!

Next time you are out and about, watch as these mobile users talk away on their phones whilst looking at their feet; deliberately placing one in front of the other; almost measuring the distance (in feet!) they have travelled.  Notice how they point and place their toes down carefully checking the ground is strong enough to take their weight.

I guess if the person who answered the phone didn’t make strange steps and didn’t just walk around in circles but just kept walking normally, by the time they had finished the telephone conversation, they could be half a mile away!

Mind you, at the volume some people talk on a mobile phone, that might not be a bad thing!  😉