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“What’s The Tory Morning Glory?”

If you are British or you follow world politics, it won’t have escaped your attention that there has been a General Election going on in the United Kingdom.  On 6th May 2010 millions of people went to the polls.  Millions were unhappy with the government of the day; millions vowing never to vote Conservative; millions taking a liking to the man in orange!

Some were unable to cast their vote because they hadn’t been given their ballot paper by the 10pm cut off.  Was this their fault?  They had fifteen hours in which to get to the polling station but for various reasons, they chose to go very late in the day.  Maybe it was the only time they could go.

Would their votes have made a difference?

So what was the result?  Well, although not all votes have been counted at time of going to press, it’s clear that the UK has a hung parliament.

Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?  Have the parliament hung!  😉

But, for the next few paragraphs at least, this is an election free zone.  There are far more important things to discuss.  Like my weekly trip to the supermarket.  What could be more interesting?

Now I don’t know the reasons, but when I got to the supermarket, it seemed like everybody else had stayed in bed or maybe I got up too soon (whoops slipped back to Blood Brothers!).  The car park was empty.  The store was empty.  Even the majority of checkouts were closed.

Had everyone stayed up late watching the election results trickle in and therefore been unable to get up for shopping?

Whatever the reason, I wandered round doing my normal shop in relative peace and quiet.  A peace and quiet only shattered when the whole store was plunged in to darkness.  Then and only then did I realise I was not alone in the store as I could hear the elderly shoppers shriek with delight at this two seconds of lack of lighting.

There was a buzz around the store which lasted longer than the temporary blackout.  There were calls for 50 pence for the meter and mutterings that it was like the war all over again!

The lights quickly flickered back on and the excitement was over.  It was time to get back to shopping.  Could this trip throw up anything of any note?  Well, yes, if you are She Who Must Be Obeyed!  This supermarket had a special offer on her favourite chocolate.  It was now at the same price as the store I have to go to in town (see “And All Because The Lady Loves …”).  Naturally I had to fill my trolley with several bars.  Well, Ok, three bars!

But the discount didn’t stop there.  It should have, but the tills had not been programmed with the new price.  I naturally went to customer services and queried this.  On checking, they realised that their tills were wrong and refunded me twice the difference!


Now, back to that election!

As things stand, when there is a hung parliament, the incumbent Prime Minister continues to govern the country.  This means the UK is led by a man who not only was never voted to be Prime Minister by the voting public, but who has also not won the majority of seats!  Is that a result?

Well, millions have had their say, and millions haven’t bothered.  So the Tories may have a slight morning glory today, and they have won more votes than Labour did in the 2005 election, but the parliament is hung!

Can we moan about the result?  Should we moan about the result?

To continue the Oasis song title theme – “Some Might Say” “Roll With It” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger”!

As I sign off, the song playing on the radio is ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All”.

But who is the winner and have they taken it all?