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The things I do – whilst waiting for a better offer!


Every Little Helps! But Helps Who?

For those of you who know your advertising slogans, you will instantly recognise the supermarket chain I am about to feature in this post.  For those of you not aware of the slogan or who don’t actually live in the UK and therefore may not know the supermarket concerned, here’s a little anagram:

Steak seems corrupt

Let me make it a little easier for you – 12 of those letters are used to make the word ‘supermarkets’ – that only leaves 5 letters to rearrange – and they are, in no particular order, T E S C O – any ideas?

Over the years, I have become quite a good shopper, spotting bargains and excellent value offers along the way.  And whilst I used to be a very loyal customer to one chain, in the current climate, it makes sense to shop around.  So, if I can get a product I use from a different supplier at a better price, then why not?  These supermarkets are, after all, only really interested in lining their pockets so why shouldn’t we, as consumers, go where we can get the best deal?

Now, whilst in the afore mentioned supermarket (here is a reminder of those letters again – T E S C O), I spotted what must be the deal of the century.  However, before I share it with you, I thought I might just highlight a couple of really bad offers they have in the past displayed.

These offers have been so well signed, people tended to pick up the products without checking the price.

Offer 1 – for one week only – a twin pack of a well known cheddar cheese for only £6.99.  Normally only sold in a single pack at a price of £3.99, so a saving 99p.  Nothing wrong with that I hear you say.  No, nothing wrong with that if that is genuinely the price at which the cheese is normally sold.  The problem is, this cheese is generally on offer, at least once a month, at a price of buy one get one free!  There were many people picking up this twin pack as it seemed like a good offer, but if they only waited one more week, they would have got the same amount of cheese for £3.00 less!

Offer 2 – buy 2 bags of fresh salad leaves (normal price 50p per bag) for only 99p.  A massive saving of 1p!  Did the customers who were buying these bags need two, or were they duped by the thought of getting a multi-buy bargain?

Those were just two examples – there have been many more – which brings me onto the latest of the fantastic offers.

Take a look very carefully at the following picture:

Multi-buy Offer

Multi-buy Offer

Did you spot the incredible offer?

Of course you did. 750g bags of broccoli florets, normal price 87p included, in a multi-buy offer of any 2 for £3.00!  What a bargain!  The other bags included in the offer were priced at £1.75 each, so if a customer purchased two of those, they would have saved 50p.  If a customer purchased one bag of the broccoli and one of either of the other two, they would have been overcharged by 38p, but if they purchased two bags of broccoli, they would have been overcharged a massive £1.26.  In fact, they could have purchased three bags of broccoli for less than the on offer price of two!

So buying more than one bag, if it included broccoli, would mean a loss to the customer!

I was very tempted to purchase two bags to see what the wonderful computerised checkout system charged me.  Would it have realised that two times 87p is less than £3.00 and therefore have charged just the £1.74?  Or would it have recognised that two items included in a multi-buy offer were being purchased and therefore charged the offer price?

The thing is, this particular supermarket (remember those 5 letters, in no particular order, T E S C O – actually, do you think I should just name and shame them or would that be considered an act of slander?) has a very good refund policy when they have overcharged a customer.  This supermarket will not only refund the overcharged amount, they will also give you that same amount again. So, if I were a dishonest person, I might well have tried to take advantage of this!

I didn’t by the way.