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“On The Fly”

This post picks up where “Grounds For Coffee!” left off.

We’re back!  It’s the post lunch session on the first day, and I have been elected spokesperson for the team.  Over lunch, the ladies expressed their concern about the way the morning session had gone, and the direction the afternoon was session was planned.

I have to say, I agreed wholeheartedly with them.  In fact, I somewhat steered them to their decision over our incredible lunch!

So it was left to me to re-plan the remaining three sessions.  The only outstanding question was would I be planning them with a view to me returning for the second day?

Taking control of the session was easy.  What was difficult, was winning over one of the ladies who had not been enjoying her time there.  She was the lady I mentioned before as having a bit of needle with the guy leading the course.  What was she struggling with now?

It seems almost ridiculous to say, but it was a phrase the guy used.  She could not understand it, no matter how many times it was explained.  No matter how times we found a different way to explain it.

And of course, once the phrase had been used, it was difficult not to keep using it.  It was a natural way to explain how to best use parts of the system.

So what was this phrase?

On the fly!

Surely most people have come across that saying, haven’t they?

We were talking about the reporting capabilities of the system.  The guy had mentioned all the predefined reports but said how easy it was to get data out of the system ‘on the fly’.

This created a debate which was to last for the rest of the session.  Could we use the term ‘adhoc’, would she know that?

Try as he may, the guy just couldn’t complete his overview without using the term ‘on the fly’.

Unfortunately, this didn’t help the atmosphere between him and the second lady.  Every time he used the term, she had a go at him.  Then he started using it with inverted commas.  You know the type – when people gesture using two fingers on each hand as they say a word.

Fortunately, we made it to the end of the first day without any blood being spilt.  We had covered everything because we were able to keep everyone focused.  Unfortunately, a quick debrief whilst the guy had left the room determined the need for the second day.  It seemed the ladies weren’t as happy as they had made out, and really required my presence the following day.

Oh well, I thought.  It gives me another chance to sample the delights of the ‘anything from the menu as long as it is under £10’ lunch and extra strength coffee.  Coupled with that, I get to see all the commuters crammed into the carriages again and get to go through the session ‘on the fly’!

Day two wasn’t worth writing about as it was a carbon copy of day one, with the notable exception of the extra strength coffee.  This time, the guy had hardly put any coffee grounds into the filter, so we could see the bottom of the mugs through the coffee!