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The things I do – whilst waiting for a better offer!

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A Novel Tome Of Christmas Offers!

As we count down the days towards Christmas, I thought it was time to stop moaning and try to be a little more helpful. Bring some yuletide cheer to my neighbour. And what better way to do this than to be on the lookout for a festive bargain or two to save all my readers a few pennies.

So, over the weekend, I joined the thousands of other jolly shoppers and trawled round the stores looking for that all important gift. You know the one. The one for the person who appears to have everything they want. The person who goes out and buys what they want when they want. So you start looking for items they haven’t bought but you think they might quite like.

Why do we do that?

They have never mentioned this item before. They have never said it is something they would really like but just haven’t got round to buying. However, we buy it, wrap it, and cross our fingers that they will like it!

I know, I know, it’s the thought that counts! 😉

I have to report though; I didn’t manage to buy anything like that this weekend because I was sidetracked by the amazing bargains I promised you at the start of this blog.

As I was dragged from store to store (yes, I did go shopping with She Who Must Be Obeyed!), I came across some bargain books in a well known high street outlet. And I feel it only right to share three of them with you. So, we’ll do it in reverse order (depending on your point of view) and start with the one in third place.

2 for £20 or £10 each!

2 for £20 or £10 each!

As you can see from this slightly blurry picture (sorry, I don’t have a great mobile phone!) the offer is for two £10 books for only £20. That’s a massive saving of NOTHING!

Well, not a great start, but my next offer is better, I promise you.

2 for £20 or £8.99 each!

2 for £20 or £8.99 each!

Now, fancy a book priced at only £8.99? Wait; get two for only £20 – that’s right a saving of … oh not a saving at all, but an additional cost of £2.02!

I know what you’re thinking, I promised you something better – well try my final offer.

If this doesn’t tempt you then I don’t know what will.

2 for £20 or £8 each!

2 for £20 or £8 each!

Got your eyes on a book or two priced at a mere £8? Why not buy two and get them for the extra special price of £20?

Don’t save yourself anything at all – donate an extra £4 of your hard earned cash to the store so that the staff can have a jolly time at the Christmas party!

The store in question, which, aside from these books, sells stationery, printers and DVDs, has probably let one of their temporary Christmas staff loose with the in-house printer and said make up offers where we can sell two items for £20.

Can’t wait for the post Christmas sales – maybe the £8 books will be Buy One Get One Free or two for £20.