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“Weighting For A Bus”

“WAITING” I hear you scream.  Don’t worry; I haven’t lost the ability to spell, this post was inspired by a bus with a weight issue!

So, who is the right weight these days?

Or should that question be what is the right weight?

We are constantly being bombarded with messages about weight loss.  These messages can take the form of television commercials, magazine articles, emails or celebrity endorsed DVDs.  We can take miracle pills which aid weight loss, or we can work out to a DVD.  We can purchase an expensive electronic toy which plugs into the television and allows us to play all sorts of sports – even though the games can be played with a simple wrist action meaning we never have to get off the sofa!

Or we could follow fad diets like the Special K diet eating a bowl of the cereal for breakfast and then another bowl for either lunch or our evening meal.  And then after only two weeks, we will be able to fit into that lovely red dress, or even that red bikini!

Rarely do these messages target men for weight loss.

So, what happens if you are a man and you want to lose weight?  Do you follow the Special K diet?  Does a man who is a little overweight and who has ‘man-boobs’ suddenly develop a figure which would fit into a red bikini or a bikini of any colour?  😉

I recently read an article about two bus drivers who were suspended for being overweight.  They were each told to lose 7lb (3.2kg) over a four week period.  And if they didn’t lose the weight, they would go on unpaid suspension for 12 months.  This was to protect the safety of the passengers and the drivers themselves.

Protect them from what?

Do the busses in that particular part of our country become unsafe to drive if their payload goes 7lbs over a certain limit?

Do they become unstable and therefore unable to negotiate the bends or corners on the streets?

And of course to go over their weight limit by 7lbs would require the bus to be full to capacity with the regulation number of seated and standing passengers.

Now, when we are trying to picture small amounts of weight we tend to think about bags of sugar which we always used to buy in 2lb bags.  I guess now, they would be 1kg bags, but whether you think imperial or metric, the amount these men have to lose is still only three and a half bags of sugar.

So what happens if these two men lose their 7lbs?  What happens if they have a full bus, and the last four passengers all bring on a bag of sugar each?  Or maybe all the passengers are as heavy as the drivers?

Does the bus stop moving in case there is any danger to the passengers or drivers?

We all know there are untold and unnecessary pressures exerted on young women to stay slim, but in the same paper carrying the bus driver’s story, there were two contrasting stories, on different pages, about two young women and their weight issues.

The first was a 22 year old aspiring catwalk model.  She weighed just 8 stone (50kg).  She was advised that she wouldn’t get anywhere as a catwalk model because she was too large in the chest area!

It was suggested that she should slim down from her size 8 before she would be considered for any work.

Conversely, a 17 year old was told to put on weight before she could enter a beauty competition, as it was felt she was a bad role model for other young girls!

Having said that, the 17 year old only weighed in at 5 stone 7 lbs (35kg), which meant she probably did need some extra weight for her own health.

But what message are we sending out?

Two bus drivers are carrying a little too much weight to drive, a young woman is carrying a little too much weight to walk down a catwalk and a teenager is too thin to be a beauty queen!

Perhaps the teenager should drive the bus for a while and the two men and the young woman should run behind it whilst eating a bowl of Special K trying to catch it!  😉