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“When The Wind Blows”

Sometimes I wonder whether certain jobs were created just for the sake of it!

Especially jobs within the local government authority.

It has been a pretty windy day here today, and early this morning I had to pop into town.  Following my normal route, I passed a man with a leaf blower.  He was wearing the uniform of the local town council – clearly a local government employee.

It was great watching him slowly walking up one of the side road wafting his leaf blower from side to side.  I guess there is a real art to manoeuvring a pile of leaves along a road.  However, I guess it’s an art which is rendered impossible on such a windy day.

Try as he would, the leaves were not going in the direction he wanted.

He was not deterred however, and kept trying to move the leaves.  He would go back and forth over the same spot.  Some leaves being forced forward by his blower, others being picked up by the wind and swirling back behind him!

I continued with my journey into town and went about my business.

I was in a real hurry as I had to get into town and back home all with in forty five minutes, but I knew I could do it providing I wasn’t delayed anywhere.  So watching a pointless bit of manual leaf blowing on a day when the wind was coping extremely well with the task was certainly a delay I didn’t need!

I hadn’t realised until my return journey that I, like the leaves, was being blown into town by the wind.  That made my homeward bound walk a bit slower as I was walking into the wind.

As I was approaching the side road in which the leaf blowing operative had been working in earlier, I wondered whether he was still there and whether he had managed to get any leaves into a pile!

Suddenly there was the sound of a engine screeching.  The sort of screech associated with a car being driven in the wrong gear.  I looked around only to see a small road sweeping vehicle approaching at great speed.  I say great speed; it wasn’t that great, just too fast for the size and type of vehicle.

It looked like it should have had blue flashing lights instead of amber flashing lights, as it appeared to be responding to some sort of emergency.  It pulled up sharply at the side road.  I was still a few yards away, but I had a feeling, no a hoping, the leaf blowing man had successfully created a pile and had called for backup to get the leaves collected before the wind got hold of them once more.

I reached the side road, barely able to contain my excitement.  Ready to burst into a round of applause; ready to go up to the operative to shake him warmly by the hand in congratulation of his incredible task.

What a disappointment to find he had packed away his blower and was just being picked up by the vehicle.  The leaves still blowing aimlessly around the street.

Mother nature wins again!