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Typing Is The New Talking!

Oh how the times have changed!

When I got home from school, all those years ago, I didn’t rush in and pick up the phone to call the friends I’d just spent all day with at school.  And of course in those days we didn’t have mobiles to text each other.  We didn’t have PCs with internet to MSN each other.

No, we had to make do with talking face to face.  It’s a difficult concept I’ll grant you, but it used to be the way of the world.

Why is it now, all the small people want to do is spend the evening ‘talking’ to all their friends?

I can pretty much guarantee that within 20 minutes of Small Person Two Of Two arriving home from school, the telephone will ring.  On the other end?  The girl with whom she has just walked home from school!  And I can also pretty much guarantee that 5 minutes after the phone call has finished, which could last as long as 30 minutes, Small Person Two Of Two will ask to go on the computer.

And what does she do for the next hour and a half?

She has a one way video call.  I say a one way video call because her friend has a webcam and we don’t.  So the ‘conversation’ takes place via the keyboard.  It’s all typed out while the face of the friend looks on!

It is most bizarre watching the ‘conversation’ unfold.  Small Person Two Of Two is reasonably fast at typing.  She will enter her message and then switch to another browser window to make a comment on Twitter.  Then she’ll switch back to see her friend concentrating hard, looking down at the keyboard on her PC as she types out her response.

Then I hear the keyboard going again – she is not light fingered!  If I look again, she has finished that sentence and is copying a picture of one of her latest teen heart throbs – Justin Bieber – and is pasting it in to another of her many browser windows.

Then she’ll send a text.

To the same girl!

In fact, sometimes when she arrives at the front door, she is already ‘texting’ the friends she has only just left.

I’d like to say that Small Person One Of Two doesn’t suffer from this need to text and MSN.

I’d like to.

Although, since she ran up a phone bill of £140 in one month, she has found herself without a mobile.  And now she seems to manage to have all her conversations at school.  Actually, she is now so busy revising and studying, she rarely goes online unless it is to research something for her studies.

Personally, I hate the telephone anyway, so would always rather talk face to face.  And as for all this ‘Twiterring’, I haven’t got a clue what that is all about!  We nearly had slit wrists the other day over Twitter.  Small Person Two Of Two only ever Twitters about her beloved Justin Bieber.  Apparently, he follows all his fans on Twitter (what ever that means).  However, the other day, Twitter had a problem, and no one could see their followers or the people they were following.

I really wish I knew what on earth I am writing about here!

So Small Person Two Of Two was distraught that Justin wouldn’t be able to find her again.

Thankfully, Twitter rectified this monumental problem before too many young girls committed suicide.

Oh, apparently you don’t do Twittering, you Tweet.  I think I’ll go back to be the birdman of Worthing!