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“Royal Speech Needs A Trim”

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I was watching the news last night and saw a speech made by Camilla Parker Bowles.  And I have to say that I was a little surprised by one line.

She was addressing the soldiers from the 11th Light Brigade recently returned from their service in Afghanistan and was talking about the terrible loss of lives.  She paid tribute to the sixty four soldiers from the brigade who were killed in action.  She went on to say there had also been a number of injured personnel.

The line in question was “There have also been a devastating number of serious casualties some of whom I’m delighted to see here today.”

Now, whilst I realise what she was actually saying, the sentence has some ambiguity to it.  And I would have thought her speech writers would have made sure everything could only be taken in the way it was meant.

Is it only me, or does the sentence sound like she was only delighted to see some of the injured soldiers?

Surely she should have said “There have also been a devastating number of serious casualties.  I’m delighted to see some of them have been able to make it here today.”  Or “There have also been a devastating number of serious casualties.  Some of whom are here today, I’m delighted to say.”

Either way, the ambiguity is gone but her heartfelt meaning comes through.

Maybe I should approach His Royal Highness and offer my services to his wife – purely on speech writing.  Let’s face it CPB is no Princess Diana!  😉

News of a different sort now; yesterday saw the monthly trip to the hairdressers for my regular trim.  I’m not your typical ‘barber’ man; I like to go to a salon which specialises in styling rather than just a short back and sides given to the aforementioned 11th Light Brigade!

OK, I know what those of you who know me are thinking – can I really classify myself as someone with style?  Well, note I never said I had style, I said a salon which specialises in styling!  My hairdresser is a very talented man much sought after.  One has to book months ahead to get his services!

It is probably fair to say that the majority of his clients are female.  However, quite often on my visits there is another man lurking in one of the chairs being worked on by one of the other hairdressers.  And today was no different.

My hairdresser was cutting away on a client who had a lovely bob.  Her hair looked in superb condition.  Then, to my surprise, the client stood up to leave – it was a man!  I could hardly believe a head of hair in that style and condition belonged to a man.  He would never have got any where near the 11th Light Brigade.

Into the salon came two women; one his mother, the other his fiancé.  The fiancé was asked for her opinion but declined to give it on the grounds it didn’t matter!

I took up position in the chair and awaited my turn.  Looking around I noticed some new products since my last visit.  One of them was a small bottle containing some white powder.  It was called “Resurrection Style Dust”!

Resurrection Style Dust?  The mind boggles!

Naturally I had to find out more, and my hairdresser was only too willing to enlighten me.  Apparently it adds body to lack lustre hair; firming it up.

It’s like a small bottle of powdered Viagra – Viagra for the hair!

If I had been at a barber’s, I suspect he would have said “something for the weekend sir – maybe some Resurrection Style Dust?”

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