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“Yorkshire Dales – Part 2”

Having survived the rain soaked M6 and the plate of congealed fat masquerading as a breakfast, we arrived at our ‘home’ for the week.  A lovely house which was once a court house and which had been divided up into smaller lodgings.  The views from the house were stunning once the rain eased, the clouds parted and the sun shone.

Chef and Nursey had kindly agreed in advance when we received the details about the house, that they would take the room with the smallest bed, as I was unlikely to fit in it.  They weren’t suggesting I was too wide (at least I think not), merely that my feet would be hanging out the end!  Their trade off for the smallest room paid dividends when it came to the view.  They had uninterrupted views across the dales; She Who Must Be Obeyed and I had views of cows through the trees!

And we both suffered a bit with sound issues.  They were constantly woken by the sound of a cockerel crowing at whatever time the cockerel felt was right to crow.  We were woken by the sound of heavy vehicles negotiating the hill.

Neither sound issue proved too much to cope with nor did either issue spoil the week.

For our first full day, the sun was shining in a clear blue sky.  Not a cloud in sight.  As it was such a beautiful day, we decided to go on a waterfall walk.  A walk which went up the banks of one river; crossed a section of the dales and came back down the banks of another river.  The starting and finishing points of this walk were one and the same.  The two rivers met to become one only five minutes walk from the house we had rented.

There were some incredible sights on this walk and some rather strange sights.  The incredible sights were obvious.  Waterfall after waterfall; all of various strengths and sizes.  And plenty of wildlife.

The strange sights?

I’m not sure strange is the word.  There were many dogs being walked by their owners, some of whom would jump in the river for a swim.  The dogs that is, not the owners!  However, one dog was not being walked but more being taken for a walk.

“Surely that’s the same thing?” I hear you ask.

Not quite.

The particular dog in question, and before you ask, I don’t know the make and model, was quite small.  Regular readers will know of my encounters with these small furry things!  This small dog was not being walked on a lead, nor was it left to walk freely beside its owners.  It was being carried by its owners.  But not being carried in their arms, no, in its very own ‘back pack’!

That’s right, most people, myself included, had a back pack with bottles of water, or extra items of clothing in the back.  But this couple had a specially designed back pack which was actually a collapsible dog carrier.  And as the woman walked so the dog resembled one of those nodding dogs people used to have on the shelf in back of their cars.

But probably the worst sight of all was that of the girl whose idea of a good walking outfit was to wear leggings which were so thin every other walker could see her multi coloured spotty (by design!) knickers through the fabric.

Not a pretty sight, especially as walkers had to follow behind as she climbed the pathway round the waterfalls, thus forcing her shapely, but translucent rear end to be at eye level!  😉